How can you stop animal abuse?

How can you stop animal abuse?

This test sees whether you will stop animal abuse or you will just stand there and watch. (Soory if short)

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You see a dog chained up with it's food bowl filled, but it's out of reach. What would you do?

Untie the chain and feed the dog
Laugh at it

You see a man yelling and kicking a puppy. What do you do?

Run over there and protect the puppy
Shrug your shoulders and walk away

A person is holding down a kitten with their knee! What do you do?

Push the person off and run off with the kitten
Shake your head and walk away

You see a women throwing bricks at a tied-up parrot. What do you do?

Quickly get the untie parrot, even though you are risking getting hit by a brick.
Laugh and watch the "show"

Do you love animals with all your heart?

What kinda question is this? Yea!