What is your Groove?

What is your Groove?

Are you more calm cool and collected, or silly and vibrant? Are you super tech savvy or do your prefer to connect with nature? Find out which Groovebot best fits your personality!

published on October 18, 20163 responses 1

Your favorite color is:


Do you keep your calendar on your phone, on paper, or not at all?

Phone - I am all about technology.
Paper - I usually go the more traditional route.
Not at all- who needs a calendar? I fly by the seat of my pants!

Do you thrive in group settings or prefer more intimate interactions?

Thrive in group settings.
Prefer intimate interactions.

Do you love connecting with nature or hanging out indoors?

Connect with Nature.
Hanging out indoors.

On a vacation are you more likely to go zip-lining through a jungle or find a historic museum to spend the day in?

Zip-lining - I am all about thrills.
Museum - I love sightseeing and learning new things.