My first Sonic WWFFY! Yay!

Ok, so i have been DYING to try one of these for myself! and i FINALLY got to it! :D ok, so the choices are Manic, Scourge, Shadow, Sonic, Silver, and Tails! And just so u no, this is for GIRLS! sorry guys! XC im actually planning on mabey making one for guys if ur into that sorta thing. Well, good luck and Have FUN! :D oh, and please excuse me if it KINDA sucks, this is my first! (^-^)

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You were walking home from school, when suddenly this blue blur barely misses you! you were knocked off your feet tho!

WTF?! they better pray i never find them!
HEY! Ill kill u for that!
*stunned* O.o Dude! wat the hell just happened?!
Oof! Huh? wat WAS that thing?! O.O
Wat the heck?! Watch where your goin' roadhog!
Whoa! WTH was that?! O.O

You get up only for five more blurrs to knock you over again! this time u dropped ur taco!

Hey! wth is goin' on here? >:(
NOO! My taco! >_<
OH C'mon! where are these things even coming from?!
Wat the heck are these things? and i paid $5 for that taco!
OH C'MON! this is getting ridiculous!
I will now avenge my taco! (Me: wat is up with u and ur taco? O.o)
I ♥ TACOS! (^o^)

U get and look around, 'where did those things go? and...wat WERE they?!' u think. U go home and remember that ur parents are out of town for the week. So u make some nachos (since ur taco is no gone), sit on the couch, and watch TV. But it feels like-

like someone is watching me
Like someone wants my NACHOS! X3
♪i always feel like, sombody's watchin' mee! and i have no privacy♪
Hmph, im not alone...
*shivers* am i being watched? i got a bad feeling!
Heh, if someone's looking for a fight then BRING IT!

little do u no that a certain mobian is watching u! wat color is he?

Blue with Green eyes!
Light Green with Auburn eyes!
Black, Red, and White with Red eyes!
Silver with Yellow eyes!(HEY! ur not suposed to no his- oh, wait sorry i keep forgetting that's WHY he's, uh heheh! sowy!) X3
Yellow and White with Blue eyes!
Dark Green with Blue eyes!

Sorry! that's as much as i got! are u mad?! :|

Nah! its cool!
No way dude! cant wait to finish later!
Watever i dont care...
Nope! but i am sad...
Awe! over already? oh well, im not mad!
Mad? MAD?! im beyond PO'd! >:(

Hope u liked it! :D R&C? (R=rate...C=comment) BYE!

of course! see ya!
Toootally! Later!
YAY! i'll rate! and, mabey comment...bysies!
Ill comment, idk if ill rate tho...
none, i hated this. every..last..bit! (me: im sorry! XC)