Which alpha are you?

Emmeline, Caroline, Claire, Madison, Meryl, or Mary Grace?! Take the quiz to find out! Post your results!

published on December 12, 20147 responses 0

Where are you in 15 years?

Buckhead mom
running the world (or at least the PTO)
President of ___
space tourism
pro NFL
madly in love, traveling the world

Favorite saying?

"teach me how to flirt"
"da hell you say?"
"let's go out" (.. it's monday)
"that's BA"

What do you look for in a boy?

someone tall
… anyone.. out there.. hello?
a specific auburn beta
someone foreign

What are you doing?

chewing ice
watching an Australian horse show
playing with chester
hanging at "alpha delt"

Favorite song?

If I Were A Boy
Hey Brother
I Put On for My City
Thinking Out Loud

Favorite snack?

chicken fingers, fries, and a cheeseburger to go
an entire pizza
flavored wheat thins, hummus, and a diet coke

What are you doing at the party?

smashing eggs
ripping your jeans
flattening sunglasses
trying your hardest not to dance on raised surfaces
looking for drinks
being unimpressed