What blue exorcist character am I most like?

What blue exorcist character am I most like?

Want to know what blue exorcist anime character fits your personality? Well here you will find out! Please answer truthfully for the best results! :D

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If your pet died what is your reaction?

I'd be hurt
I'd mourn for a day or so then I'd be too busy
I'd cry and probably never get over it
I'd be ok it depends how close I was to it
I'd yell so much everyone knows

If someone fell over and dropped their books what do you do?

A) Go over and help them
get up and then help with
the books
B) Go help get their books.
Someone else could fall over
C) If I'm not busy of course
D) They shouldn't be so clumsy
E) Just sit there watching

Your dad dies what do you do?

I'd be extremely sad but hide it
I'd act like it's all ok and visit his grave
I don't know what I'd do with myself
Oh well. Guess I take over
Well. He was gonna die anyway

You failed a test what do you do?

Hopefully it wasn't that important. I'll just ace the next one
How?! How do I fail a test?!
Omg! I hope it's ok
I don't need tests
Meh.. idc

Someone takes something of yours what do you do?

As long as they give it back I'm fine
Oh it's ok I have spares
It's fine they can keep it if they want
They best give it back right now

What's your fashion sense?

Just casual
Usually smart clothes
Light colours
Pinks and purples
Green, red, yellow and skulls