What Kind Of Anime Girl Are You?

This test shows what kind of dere you could be. It also tells you what kind of attitude you could have toward boys.

published on September 29, 201612 responses 0

Do you have a Senpai?

Yes! I love him alot!
I don't need a senpai
Eww! Senpais are gross!
Yes Yes Yes! And he is MINE

What do you like to do with you Senpai?

Stalk Him!
Keep him in his place
Bake cakes for him!

What if someone dated you senpai?

I don't who dates my senpai
Like I would care.

How many times are you with your Senpai?

Too many times to count!
I'm only with him to make sure that idiot doesn't fly away or something
I'm never with him. Well if you count dreams
Who needs a senpai?

Do you loaf your senpai?

Well obviously
I made a shrine
I don't have a senpai