Are you Actually Straight ? How gay are you...

Are you Actually Straight ? How gay are you...

Are you actually straight? Perhaps youre more gay than you thought - or even a bisexual in denial...

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you currently identify as...

Gay/ lesbian

Have you ever saw someone the same gender as you and felt turned on? (even if you do not identify as gay/ lesbian)

Yes, of course !
No, never

Have you ever flirted with someone the same gender as you ? (even if youre straight)

Yes i have...
No i have not , nor do i plan on doing so!
Yes, but accidentally, i barely realised i was.
No, but i may try it out in the future :)

On a scale of 1-10 , how well do you relate to this statement; "Im straight, but sometimes i am turned on by girls".

8-10 I identify as straight and have been
turned on by another girl
5-7 I am straight and have been, but its no
big deal..
1-4 im straight and yes i find girls attractive
but im not turned on.
Cannot relate because i do not identify as
straight !

Have you ever sexually fantasised about someone the same gender ? (even thugh you may identify as straight )

Yes !
Yes - but i am straight , ok
No no no no!

On a scale of 1-10, how well do you relate to this statement; "Im straight however i wouldnt rule out the possibility of me 'experimenting' and changing my sexuality"

8-10 ,Its impossible to know whats ahead,
who knows? im not ruling anything out
5-7 because i currently do identify as straight,
i do find it strange to imagine this may
1-4 Yeah things may happen, but this isnt !
I dont identify as straight ughhh

Are you attracted to both genders ?

Yes - however i identify as straight ?
Yes !
No. im gay so how can i be ?!
No, only to the opposite gender.

Youre at the craziest pool party of all summer, only the very hottest and fittest people with best beach bodies are there. You find yourself checking out mainly...

Mainly checking out the opposite gender !
Checking out both genders !
Checking out the opposite gender but have a
strange urge to check out the same gender.
Checking out only the same gender

someone attractive who happens to be the same gender as you begins flirting with you...

you flirt back...
you dont want to flirt so you dull the

... they lean in for a kiss, you...

panic , thats the last straw - "Im straight!"
you tell them!
awkwardly sit as their lips meet yours. this is
crazy. this is wrong. is this right? this is fun
feel a rush as their lips meet yours, and the
kiss turns into a passionate makeout.

...You feel...

like wtf ? im straight understand ?!
lost for a second, because all this time you
thought this was wrong, but its the best
mistake you made <3
like they have to come back to your place !
theyre hot too (what a bonus!)

what percentage of you do you think is gay?

50% half gay, half straight
less than 10%

Are you sure of your sexuality?


Finally, after being challenged , put to the test and questioned , which of these do you now think that you may be?

Perhaps not a full 100% straight
Confused, i guess i just couldnt say what my
sexuality may be.
More on the straight side, but im leaving my
options open :)