What type of desert are you?

What type of desert are you?

This is a quiz that you can take to see what type of desert you are :) Its a fun quiz that asks you about your personality and matches you to a desert :)

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What do your friends think about you?

They love you to death and you are always at their side.
You are a good at kicking but.
They think your cool and sweet and love to be around.
They think you are sweet and caring and love to be nice.

Someone pushes and insult's you. What do you do?

Please don't do that again, that's not nice.
Hey whatever, not cool.
HEY! You cant talk to me like that!
HI! Hey want to go over to my friends? They would love you!

You just moved and you know nobody, what do you do?

Join a lot of sports and always try your best at everything.
Spend time with your family and volunteer at animal shelters.
When you go to school say hi and start conversations with everybody.
Chill out and don't worry to much. But still talk to people and act cool.

You Favorite animal is...


Your favorite kind of party is...

A loud cool fun colorful party with lots of action.
A party where there is no swearing or any hitting or punching or violence.
A party with cool and loud music and lots of food.
A social party with lots of people and sweet things and tons of friends.