My colorful self (1)

My colorful self (1)

16 psychological types of personalities that are based on the following colors: Red, yellow, blue and green.

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Do you define yourself as an introvert or extrovert?


How do you think you come off to other people?

Very friendly,
talkative, intrusive
energetic, loud,
Cold, intelligent
and objective.
Calm, a good
listener, pessimistic

Is it hard for you to tell yourself the truth?


What is one of your bigger fears?

finding out my
beliefs are
completely wrong.
losing control of
the situation.
People around me
getting hurt.
Being thrown out of
my comfort zone.

Do you tend to meet new people easily?

Extremely easily
and I also easily
befriend them.
I tend to interact
with a small group
of familiar people
instead of meeting
new friends.
I don't have a
problem with
meeting people,
but I usually don't
befriend them fast.
I don't really fancy
meeting new
people or staring

You are given an assignment that you don't like.

I procrastinate as
long as possible,
but in the end I
always give my
Don't do it, or do
very little.
I suck it up and try
to get from it as
much as I can.
Complain a lot, but
do it at the end.

A relationship, in which you once felt comfortable and means a lot to you, has now became very problematic.

I try to please the
other person so we
can move forward.
I try to solve it by
talking about
it, but if it doesn't
get better, I walk
I emotionally
distance myself
from them and
I act out in anger,
frustration or in
behavior for the

What is the most important thing to you in an argument?

Finding the right
Winning it.
Not hurting other
Knowing that i'm

Do you tend to talk a lot?

I am talkative, but
I let the other
person talk more.
I'm pretty quiet.
Usually yes, but I
carefully choose
my words.

Do you trust yourself in difficult situations?

Yes, but I can get
frustrated very
Yes, but I
always want to
please everyone.
Yes, but I don't
know if I would be
able to make the
right decision.
Yes, but the
pressure can cause
me to over stress.

What are your best and worst quality?

caring, impulsive

What is your attitude towards rules?

They are made for
a reason, but I will
break them if I
have to.
I don't like
breaking them
because it makes
me feel nervous
I don't pay much
attention to them.
Rules are made to
be broken.

Do you prefer team projects or individual ones?

Team projects.
Individual projects.

When facing a difficult decision, how do you go about it?

I act on impulse
and stick with it to
the end.
I go about it with a
logical approach.
I ask other people
for advice.
I take my time and
really think about

When angry...

I express it very
I act in a calm way.
I am very
I keep it all in.

When guilty...

I apologize and try
to fix it.
I try to justify my
I push it away as
long as possible.
I know i made a
mistake, but I stick
with it no matter

when stressed...

I am a nightmare
to be around
because I lash out
at everyone.
I turn to self pity
for a while.
I don't show it on
the outside, even if
I am on the verge
of blowing up.
I take a break from
whatever I'm doing
to chill

when happy...

I don't make a big
deal about it.
Everyone needs to
know about it.
I mostly keep it to
I can't help but to
laugh and grin, no
matter who's

When sad...

I become very
I act like nothing is
I turn to bitterness.
I burst out in an
emotional way.