what are you? (1)

about to know we are all humans but we all are having different personality at many stages of life when actually our whole life is depend on only one decision it is essential that we take a right one ... my quiz is about knowing yourself what are you capable of a doctor , a buissnessman, a servicperson or an engineer or a techonlogist ..

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you are in group your co members do some bad work but if you complaint they kill you then what you do

you should be against wrong else they kill you
you join them too

you find someone they daily beats her childern and treat them like a donkey then what you do? if you complaint you are also be in trouble..

complaint to police
just leave it

what is your fav personality?

Adolf Hitler
you rock

what do you want a money or respect?


what is your fav color?


what do you do if you want someone to work but he is ill or have a very serious work from it what you do?

do him/her work by yourself help him
just leave him it her/him duty