Which Hetaustria character are you?

Which Hetaustria character are you?

Which character from HETAUSTRIA are you? Hetaustria is a version of Hetalia focused of the PLATINUM LORD AUSTRIA(RIDIC/RICD). It's not gonna be too weeby I swear. The character results will be the court trial helpers and Ridic supporters. Maybe you'll even get a disrespecter ? Nah no disrespecters here.

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Not the best question, but what is your most preferable color to admire?

Blue! Like the ocean, where
fish and sharks live and thrive!
Hahaha cool. And red is nice
Hm, I guess purple violet is my
most preferable choice...Yes, It
is. That is my confirmed
Well I guess green is pretty
great. Like Shrek, yeah? And
I like green and brown.
Camoflouge colors. So the
enemy won't spot me.
Pink is a nice color. And so is
green. And purple.
White. Like a blank canvas.
And black. Like a dark void. A
dark void full of questions. And
the entire spectrum lies within
the boundaries of white. White
is all colors put together, after
all. But orange is nice as
well...and purple..All colors
create life.
Prussian blue and royal red, for
a royal king like me *grins and
finger guns*

Okay so you like to cook? Ya know, the culinary arts.

Yes, though baking sweet
treats is what I do mainly.
Yes I cook, but with my frying
pan mostly. Anything I can
cook on a pan, I will if I so
desire. I also make great tea.
Hmm...Not really? I mean, I can
cook on a campfire, like only a
few things though. Like fish
and marshmallows.
I like to shop for food and cook
it because how else am I
supposed to eat, so yes.
I make great sandwiches! My
brother/sibling/friend tells me
my sandwiches taste like
sandwiches. I also make
Food is where we get our
energy from. And so I eat it.
And so I learned how to cook it
so I may stay alive, so yes.
I uh, not really...
I am quite terrible at it, but I am
still awesome at other things!

You play an instrument?

Yes, as a matter of fact I am
quite the expert on playing the
piano. It is such a
sophisticated instrument,
producing wonderful melodies.
*slams hand on piano keys
Yeah I play with toy
instruments. Like maracas and
No, not really. But I enjoy
listening to the piano, even
though I do not play it.
A bit of the accordian from
time to time. I don't have much
time though, I have to prepare
for much more important
tasks. *grabs gun*
No, I do not play any
instruments. But it sounds like
fun! I'd like to learn.
Music is an excellent way to
express yourself. I my myself
play the bongos from time to
time, or a xylophone or just hit
glass bottles with a paintbrush
or stick.
The guitar! Hecc yeah, baby!
As well as an air guitar and a
broom guitar because I rock.

So, you like exercise and sports. Outdoor activities?

No. I do not need to engage in
such sports or exercises. It is
not that necessary for me, I'm
fine just staying at home,
sitting on my sofa and
fireplace. *sips tea/coffee*
Yes! I like to swim at the beach
and run, and build sand
castles, and volleyball, cuz it's
Yes, I enjoy swimming,
aerobics, and yoga. I do some
running as well. It's important
to stay in shape!
Ofcourse, I'm not a lazy bum.
Excersise drills are a daily task
if you want to stay alive.
Well, sometimes I train with my
sibling/friend. But mainly I just
watch them.
We excersise whenever our
muscles move. I excerise my
heart when I breath and I
excersise my wrists when I
paint. I excersise when I walk.
I like to do sports like running
and soccer

What would you be doing during a court trial?

Watching the opposing
defendant idiots make fools of
themselves, knowing they're
guilty and that you'll soon be
yeeting them to the ocean.
Talk alot, telling the defendants
of what you'll do to them after
the trial and yell, "Liars!" At
Not really say anything unless
necessary. I know who's going
right and wrong here.
Try to be silent, but slam my
fist on my table from time to
time, shouting at the
defendants to speak the truth.
And I'll threaten them with my
gun if they dare talk about my
Stay quiet but support my
friend when they feel sad
about what a defendant said.
Be forgotten, and stay silent,
because apparently I am not
considered cool in a trial.

Positive words to describe yourself?

Fun-loving, supportive, loyal
Sophisticated, skilled,
Loyal, brave, strong-minded,
Prepared, determined, and
Kind, supportive, forgiving
Awesome, cool, and ready to
take action. And I also don't
care if that last one was more
than one word.

Negative words to describe yourself?

Well, I suppose I may act a bit
"snobbish" sometimes, but not
in a "because I'm rich" way.
More of a "I have great skills
and you're an idiot" sort of way.
Well, I guess I can be a bit too
loud and annoying sometimes.
I'm not sure. We all have
negative qualities. I'd say mine
are being a bit pushy, and a bit
Well, I can be a bit naive
sometimes. And gullible...
If I had to say, I guess
sometimes I can be a bit too
cold and serious..
I can get too caught up in my
own thoughts, ignoring the
outside world sometimes. I
isolate myself from others and
don't know how to socially act.
Well, as great as I am, I can be
a bit lazy and I can be a bit too
arrogant I guess.

Main interests? What do you spend most time doing?

Painting, drawing, sketching,
contemplating life, writing
poetry and creating quotes,
analysing life. Maybe crafting
some questionable but nice
Playing music, resting, baking,
reading. You know, my usual
routine. Watch a documentary
cooking, sewing,
listening to music, jogging,
hanging out with friends. Doing
some reading as well. An
watching my shows.
Swimming, playing volleyball,
building sand castles, traveling
and playing around with
Also doing my part in
condemning disrespecters to
suffer...*grins, slightly evilly*
Taking care of my goats/pets,
having tea parties with my
sister/sibling/close friend,
saving money, trying not ti get
in people's useless drama
crap. Quiet activities.
Having tea parties, playing with
my stuffed animals, watching
cartoons, reading, playing
dress up and hanging with
Being awesome by playing
soccer, watching my favorite
shows, and playing video

What do you usually like to read?

Adventure books! Something
to get me in an explorer mood,
yeah? Something to make me
feel like a secret spy, or a
I enjoy reading music notes.
And if you specifically mean
literature, then I suppose
informational books or books
about history and elegant eras.
Romance and action, with a bit
of comedy too. Also
magazines I see in stores.
Picture books, and books
about fantasy, and
adventures of cool creatures.
I read stop signs and the
writing on pennies and food
labels. And once in a while
books about military tactics or
an instruction manual. And I
also read picture books to my
little sibling...
I read literature on topics such
as ideals and philosophy. Tales
of virtues and culture. Books
of creative writing, featuring
ways of life and mysterious
adventures and encounters...
Yeah I read comic books and
graphic novels. And maybe
some 18+ magazines...
Uh, *cough cough*
Forget I said that!

You're invited to a party thrown by a coworker/schoolmate you are on okay terms with. This person is loud and a bit obnoxious but helps you out sometimes. There are about 20 other people who are going. Are you going?

You're invited to a party thrown by a coworker/schoolmate you are on okay terms with. This person is loud and a bit obnoxious but helps you out sometimes. There are about 20 other people who are going. Are you going?
No. I can already tell it'll be a
bad experience with terrible
music blasting at my eardrums
and inappropriate behavior. I
have better things to do.
Though one of mu friends will
probably try to persuade me
and there's a chance I'll go, but
I'll leave early.
Yeah sure! It'll be fun. Plus,
I'll go, but I'll take close friends
with me.
Absolutely not, no way in hell.
I'm not going to waste my time
over there whatsoever.
It sounds like fun, but I
probably wouldn't go.
I wouldn't really have anyone to
talk to.
A decision that seems so
trivial compared to all the
decisions in our life. Should I
go or should I not? I will
obviously not. The people
there won't understand my
ideas. I wouldn't want to take
part in a congregation that will
be awkward.
Yeah I'd totally go, sounds rad
and awesome! Hahaha!

Alright so what school clubs would you consider joining?

Alright so what school clubs would you consider joining?
The music club. I can spread
my instrumental skills to my
fellow clubmates and my
eardrums will thank me.
The swim team. Or the cooking
club. Or track.
The leave me aloners club.
Basically we'd just sit around
at home all day, no meeting. I
don't wanna get mixed up in
other people's crap.
The art club.
To express myself and see
others express themselves and
to share and compare ideas.
Hmm, I'm not so sure.
Maybe the crafting club? Or
maybe the baking club? Is
there a tea club?
Swim team or volleyball!
Maybe surf team, if they have
The music club so I can bless
them with my skills! Or the
basketball team to bless them

So you achieved a great thing. An accomplishment of your skills. A great enough accomplishment that deserves a celebration. Something like a graduation, or academic achievement, or a concert. What type of celebration do you wish for?

Nothing too special. Maybe
have my friends take me out
for dinner and then just let me
relax and enjoy my day.
Though I know I achieved
something great and deserved
it well.
Oh a cool surprise would be
great! Like a party with some
of my friends and family, with a
cake that has my name on it.
Maybe just a small cake at
home and a dinner out
sonwhere not too fancy.
Nothing really. I don't want alot
of people to know about it or
make a big deal out of it. Just
a "congrats" and quality time
from my sibling/close friend
and time to rest.
I would expect a small cake
from my friends. A celebration
does deserve an award. So I'll
accept whatever they give me.
Oh, just a small cake and time
with friends! And time with my
sibling/family. I'd be flattered
at all the congrats I'd get.
Throw me a HUGE celebration
because I am awesome after
all. If it's nit a huge celebration
then I do expect a lot of

So you have to share a room with someone
This someone is loud and obnoxious at times and kinda gets on your nerves. This particular day they're being extra annoying. They'll leave soon though in a few days.
What do you do?

So you have to share a room with someone
This someone is loud and obnoxious at times and kinda gets on your nerves. This particular day they're being extra annoying. They'll leave soon though in a few days. 
What do you do?
Yell at them to be less
obnoxious and leave! Some of
us around here actually
appreciate peace and quiet.
Hmph. *crosses arms*
I wouldn't be too annoyed. I'm
probably just as loud. But if
they were really doing stuff I
don't like and don't agree is
fun, then I'd yell at them and
threaten to shove them into an
I'd try to remain as calm as
possible but would snap at the
end and tell them to stop being
such a slob.
I'd immediately leave the room
and avoid them as much as I
can. If they bother my sleep, I'll
point my gun at them, that'll
shut em up.
I would be too shy to yell at
them and just tolerate it...But
I'd then get advice from
someone on what to do and
they'd help me stand up to
I will not live a life with such
obstacles if it us possible to
avoid them. I would simply just
sleep in the bathroom or
closet, locking myself in and
wear earplugs. This will only be
temporary. All things in life are
I probably am that annoying
obnoxioua person...
But if not, then I'd join them in
having fun. If they really piss
me off and we disagree on
something though I'll shout at

Alright, sayonara my dudes!

Bye! See ya later!
Goodbye! It was nice talking to
Bye, I'll bless you with my
awesomess later!