Personality Quiz For Multiple Shows and Movies

Personality Quiz For Multiple Shows and Movies words words stuff more words.

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What comes first to you?

Your valuables
Your Freedom

What would you wish for, if you had one wish?

To be King of Everything
For the world to be at peace
To be immortal

A house near you begins to burn down. What do you do?

Laugh, and let it burn.
Rush inside immediatly, and save every last person, even if it means killing yourself.
Try to save the people that are easy to get to

Where do your loyalties lie?

With my superiors
With my friends
I'm loyal to none
The highest bidder

You are told that you are the only one who can stop thousands from dying

Immediatly accept your role, and do what you need to.
Tell them to find someone else; you have better things to do

You pass a homeless person on the street. You...

Keep Walking
Give them a small portion of your money.
Help them find a place to live, and get their life back on track

Do you prefer to spend time alone, or with people?

With people

Do you and your friends find you funny?

Everyone finds me funny
No one thinks I'm funny, including me.
I think I'm funny, but most other people don't

An evil lord attacks the good peoples. What do you do?

Help the good people.
Hide until the war is over
Do nothing
Wait to see who's winning, then join their team

What is your average grade?

Below 50 (F)
B's and C's (61-90)

What is your favorite subject?

None, I hate school.
Space, Astronomy, and Alien Theories!
Mythology, and Legends
I love all subjects!
Phys-Ed(PE) and other athletics

What category is your dream job in?

Protecting people

What is your relationship with your dad like?

He's my best friend!
I never knew him
I hate him
He's alright

How many friends do you have?

One - Three