Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Will you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Will you survive a zombie apocalypse? This quiz will revel that. This is not an A,B or C quiz every answer you pick has an effect on your results, so choose wisely and truthfully...

published on August 25, 201471 responses 21
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How old are you?

10 or under
in-between 12 and 17
in-between 18 and 25
in-between 25 and 35
in-between 35 and 45
50 or older

Are you male or female?


You see on the news that corps are coming to life, what is your plan of action?

Leave town will the supplies you have in your home already and never look back, even if it means
leaving a loved one behind. Survival of the fittest right?
Attempt to save your loved ones and leave town with the supplies you already have.
Find as much supplies as you can and attempts to find a group right away.
Don't think about yourself, find and save as many survivors as possible.

Do you have any survival experience?

a little
quite a bit
a lot

How much medical training do you have?

a little
quite a bit
a lot

Do you have any combat experience?

a little
quite a bit
a lot

During the apocalypse, what would be your primary weapon of choice?

A shot gun, loud but very effective.
A sniper rifle, very effective from a distance.
A machine gun, very loud and destructive.
A hand gun and silencer, quick and quiet at a close distance.
Your own bare hands.

During the apocalypse what would be your secondary weapon of choice?

Multiple knifes, easy to use and silent.
Grenades, loud and destructive
A machete, good for certain destruction
Brace knuckles, quick and controllable.
A second gun of the one you already picked in the question before.

During the apocalypse what would be you vehicle of choice?

Anything you can find.
A fast sports car.
A truck for hauling heavy loads.
An off roader, for bumpy and ruff terrain.
A fule efficient vehicle

Where would you want to set up camp?

In a building in the city.
A facility out of town.
A place in the country side.
Nowhere, your always on the move.

What would you do if a close loved one (example, mother) was bitten and only had hours left to live?

Kill her right away, you can't take the risk plus she won't live much longer anyway.
Put her in a cage until she turns and then kill her.
Release her and never look back.
Don't do anything, your as good as dead anyway.
Go somewhere else and leave her behind.

Your at your base when you hear a small group begging you to let them in. You not sure if any of them are bitten and they could want to take over your base. Whats your plan of action.

Don't let them in, but their making too much noise to leave there. You peck out of a window and quickly shot them.
Let them in right away, they might need your help!
Have your group hide within your base prepared to strike well another group member lets them in and checks them for bits.
Let them in and befriend them before robing them blind.

How would you compose your group?

With anyone you can find.
A carefully picked group.
I would join any group I could find.
I would join a group I had ben watching.

How large would you want your group to be?

Just myself.
5 people or lease
in-between 5 and 10 people
in-between 10 and 15 people
in-between 15 and 20 people
20 people or more

In your group witch roll would you play? (this question has larger effect on your score then the other questions)

The planer, your roll involves planing the groups next move to avoid making bad decisions.
The care taken, you take care of the younger and weaker members in the group and give them a voice as well as giving medical care.
The peace keeper, in bad times its your job to keep people from turning on each other.
The spirit raiser, its your job to keep peoples from getting to depressed and making sure they stay on the positive side.
The troubler, there is always that someone in the group that has to have it there way or the highway, your decisions are based on your survival.
The follower, you do what you think is right? At least you think so... You follow the leader.

How is your physical condition.


How is your mental and emotional condition?


How close are you with your family and friends?

not close at all
not that close
pretty close
I am close
I am very close