Are you a Fop, a wit or a rogue?

Are you a Fop, a wit or a rogue?

Brought to you by Droll and Folly Publishing. This months edition of Plain Dealer magazine is sure to put a stop to that age old argument, before you say something you regret... right Oldfox?

published on June 06, 20171 response 0

Your friends would say you...

Pshawh! I have no need of
... owe them a great deal of
... have come from some
melancholy place, as my
sparkling intellect means I
am always missed from
whatever room I have just
... the most stylish and
original person they know

What would you say to your enemy?

I won't let him speak ill of
my friends- that way he will
see my loyalty and may
offer me some money for't
Words are cheap! I would
sooner fight than duel with
That he has nothing of the
satyr but his face! It's
incredibly funny if you know
the classics as well as I do
Enemies? Everyone adores
me, in all the superfine
coventickle gallants of the

When looking for love, what are you seeking?

Someone who adores me!
Someone who won't
interrupt me!
Someone who has 5 million
a year!
Someone who sees the
world as I do, full of
inconvenience and useless

What are your last words likely to be?

You most obedient and
humble servant...
I would rail as if a thousand
mighty winds did shake the
windows! I would rail to all
four corners of the earth! I
would rail so that Southern
Rail would know the
meaning of reliable rail
travel! There is no finer way
to leave this earth but to
rail, and I would rail so
lightly that when I was gone
you would still hear the
echoes of my railing in the
laughter of all those of good
All these questions about
words! What's wrong with
exiting the world with a
good honest grunt?
I swear I will pay you on
Monday! Please just give me
until Monday!

What do you think of Lady Goodly?

I hear she has 2 million a
year... is she widowed yet?
She is a good and honest
creature, although her eye
may languish a little
She is so familiar that she
has had more rides than a
boris bike, though she is half
as useful and nowhere near
as cheap!
Nothing - are we done with
this quiz yet?

What would you do to a drunken sailor?

Fight him!
Take his money!
Mock him!
Whatever he wants!