Which west campus girl are you?

The midnight rambler is the rambler for you and me! Which wild west campus character are you?

published on December 10, 201412 responses 0

What is your signature accessory?

An injury
A cute vest
A puffy jacket

How do you make it back to your room?

I drive my car.
Walk by myself.
The Midnight Rambler
Someone walks me back.
I think someone carried me?
Call the Stingerette.

What of these is your favorite quote?

"Can you not?"
"Nobody's drunk here!"
"We live for each other."
"Hey guys!"
"Annnd I'm on the floor."
*high pitched* HEY

Buddy the elf! What's your favorite color?

Tiffany blue.

You're a fifth year... what are you doing with your life?

Trying to get wifed up.
Already graduated and running a business.
In jail.
Buying a dog.
Getting your pilot's license.
Kitchen manager.
Still fropping and shacking.

What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Go for a run.
Call my big.
Eat a snack.
Take a nap.
I always know what to do.

What is typical Thursday night like for you?

Frop til you drop.
I do not remember.
At my usual place hanging out with a bunch of people that I know.
Fropping a little, then finding a friend to shack with.

Which of the following objects are you?

A noodle
A headband
A frittata
A helicopter
A cupcake
A pizza

How often do you make it back to your room after a night out?

Most of the time
About half the time

What is your LEAST favorite food?

Chicken Tikka Masala
Fast Food

So you had a rough night out... what happened?

I took a couple tumbles.
I don't really have rough nights.
Puke and rally.
A regrettable snapchat story.
Too much drunk food.
I might have hooked up with someone.
A broken phone.
I lost everything.
The police may have gotten involved.