Emo, punk, goth, or scene?

Are you emo, scene, punk, or gothic? Take this quiz to find out. Sorry if u don't like your result.

published on September 11, 201625 responses 3 3.2★ / 5

What is your favourite color? U can't kill me i'm already dead.

White, pink, black, maybe blood red
Dark colors
Black, green, purple, etc

Do you have any friends?

Yeah i have awesome punker friends!
I have only a few

Wbat do u think u got?


What's your favourite type of music?

Emotional, or any type of metal
Deth/heavy metal
Punk rock
It depends

What is your hair like or how do u want it?

A big Mohawk
Dyed streaks
Long/short and black
Long/short and dyed maybe with streaks

Almost there.
What is ur clothing like?

Light shirts with dark pants maybe dresses
Black dress. Black shirt. Black pants. Band tees
I wear dark colors, sometimes band tees
Anything punk!!

Ok hope u enjoyed the quiz. Rock on!

Yeah rock on
U rock on too!