What's Your Super Power?!

Imagine you had your very own powers! Do you know which power you want? Take this quiz and you can discover the element you are!

published on February 27, 201648 responses 6
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What's your favourite colour?

Hot pink
Blue and Green
Bright colours and gold
All the Prime colours. (red, yellow, blue)

If your parents told you that you have to donate half of you birthday money to any charity it would be....

Starving Children
Don't Know

You got invited to a pool party. You wear...

A one piece bathing suit with sequins, and a light purple see through cover up.
A sporty race/practice bathing suit with shorts over top.
A bikini. You wanna show of your gorgeous tan.
I'll wear what I have, as long as it's cute.

Your favourite animal is a...

Dog and Dolphin
I like a lot!
Anything related to a cat. (cheetah, lion, etc.)

Your name stars with a...

A, B, H, J, K, S
D, I, M, N, R, Z
C, E, F, G, L, P,
Not in Any