24 hours with Ben Drowned

24 hours with Ben Drowned

Your spending 24 hours with ben drowned how cute. Try to not die and be has accurate has possible, okay byee. This was inspired by a quiz i took on Qoutev.

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You wake up in a dark room.Looking over at the door you see something that said 23:12: 55. You guessed it was a timer. You see a something like a shadow in the far corner of the room.

You:" u-um h-hello who's there..?"
You: " Who's there "
You: *says angrily* " Who are you!? "

Whatever you said the shadow came closer in the light where he could be seen. You carefully studied his figure, he had yellow hair that was darkish, his eyes where black with a red glowing light in it and it seemed has if he was crying. He looked mostly like a elf who rose from the dead, he was also wet or it seemed so. He stared straight into your eyes soon enough you stopped looking at him.
???: " who might you be? "
You: " oh i'm Y/N "

???: " well Ben Drowned is my name but you can call me ben "
You: " o-okay.."
???:"well Ben Drowned is my name but hyou can call me ben "
You: " okay like i care '
Ben POV: rude much
???: " well Ben Drowned is my name but you can call me ben "
You: " omggggggggggggggg bennny boo is that you~ "
Ben POV: welp...another fangirl

You sit in awkard silince for a while, you watch has ben sit in the corner just staring at you, almost like he was studying you. The silence is broken when ben says the amount of time you had left. " 22:13:12 "

You : what do you wanna do in the meantime?
Ben : how bout we get to know each other?
You: sure,whatever.
Ben : So tell me y/n whats your favorite colour?
You: [insert colour here]
You : ...
Ben : you don't talk much do you?
You : n-no,not r-really..
Ben : well why don't we get to know each other?
You : s-sure
Ben : who's your favorite pasta?
You : [insert answer here]
Ben : So tell me y/n, whose your favorite creepy pasta?
You : You~
Ben: * moves to another corner far away from you *

You guys talked and talked for hours. You suddenly let out the biggest yawn known to man. " you tired?". You didn't respond.( if your a fangirl the you said " i'm not your not") " wanna play truth or dare?" You respond by saying sure.( again, if your a fangirl you said " yasssssss, of coruse benny boo )

You guys played for hours and you felt kinda tired.

Ben: you seen sleepy, you should rest.
You : i-i'm not s-sure should..
Ben : don't worry i won't try anything.

Placing your trust in ben you fall into a deep sleep.
Ben : if i was jeff i would say go.to.sleep, but i'm not soooo, yeah you seem tired so you should get some rest.
You : Why should i trust anything that comes out of your mouth.
Ben : no one said you had to.
You : hmph! rude much!
Ben : look whose talking!
You : Me!? Your the one who told me to go to bed!
Ben : yeah, how am i being rude!
You : because you just are! deal with it!!

You and ben sit in silence, he watches you has you slowly fall asleep after many hard tries to fight it.
Ben : you tired?
You : i am~

You fall alseep on ben, he afterward put your head on the floor and move to another corner.

Sorry if this was short.


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