Yet Another Sonic WWFFY! (For Girls Only!)

Yet Another Sonic WWFFY! (For Girls Only!)

This is yet another Who Would Fall For You? the choices are Sonic, Silver, Shadow, and Scourge. Enjoy Sonic fans!

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You were watching a movie with you parents, you brother, and sister. (Yep you're the middle child!) As the movie ended you decided to leave the room and got your own room. Everybody else stayed and watched the credits.

Why do they enjoy the credits?
Hmph! I've got one pathetic family... (Me: Don't be so mean!)
Aww! I wanted to go to the kitchen and get waffles!! T-T (Me: Really??)
Atleast I'm not as dumb as my family! watching credits! pfft! (Me: :O you so mean)

As you walk to your room you feel a chill up your spine, as if someone was watching you. You look up and down the halls at least a million times before deciding to go up to your room. As you're about to open the door you see the blurs running past you. There was a blue blur... then a black blur... then a green blur... then a white blur. 'Wth is that?' you think with curiosity

What are those?
Are those different color waffles??!!! 8D (Me:*Facepalm*)
*Takes out gun* (Me: where in the world did you get that?!) You:From My pockets? (Me:*Takes it away*
Let's play safe...) You: D:<
I'm betting my money This not good! (Me: Oh it's on! >:D)

As you peer through the corner of the hall the blurs pass again, but this time the blur's passed you even faster. you see the direction the blurs went to, so you follow them.

Where are they going?
Why am I following them? (Me: Because I say so!) Hmph!
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah! Lets follow the waffles!!! (Me: ????)
This is going to end bad! (Me: just see about that! >:D)

The blurs lead you through the back door of your house to the woods right behind it. The blurs kept leading you deeper into the woods, and you find it getting darker and darker as you go deeper. Later you find yourself behind a bush as the blurs stop. 'They're hedgehogs!' You think with such confusion buzzing through your head. Then you see another black blur pass by and stop in front of the hedgehogs.

Who is she??
Hmph thats easy A1 the wolf is... (Me: SHUT UP!!) You:I still know who it is! (Me*Takes out gun* Keep it to
yourself!) You:Hmph!
Aww!! They're not waffles?? T-T (Me: Maybe next time A3. Maybe next time...)
I'm still betting my money! (Me: I'm still waiting for your epic fail! >:D)

'A wolf?' now you're really confused. The wolf looked a lot like the black hedgehog but it was wearing clothes. (XD) then they all start to talk, and you try to listen, but it all sounded faint. You couldn't hear them right. As you walk closer to them to try to listen you get knocked out and the last you hear is gasping.

Oh no!!
Hmph! Out of anybody that could have been knocked out why me! *Takes out gun* (Me: *Takes it away*
Cuz I wanted too! *Sticks tongue out*) You:I hate you..
When I black out I want a waffle dream!
HAHA! I win! Give me my money! (Me: Ugh! *Gives money*) You: Sucka! Wooo!!

Hope you enjoyed! and in the comments please tell me if I should continue! And sorry for any mistakes I made, first quiz I have ever made!

I Love it! And I will comment!! (Me: Aww thank you!)
It freaking sucked! But I still like it...
In the next one plz put waffles! (Me: Maybe I will!)
I will comment! Thanks for the money1 >:D (Me: -_- Np)