lets see if you would survive a night at freddy's

see if you can survive a night at freddy's, or die miseribly. At this time of night, animatronics are in sight and they'll give you a fright.(this is a role play type quiz)

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you read the newspaper,you see an add for a job you could use.What do you do.

I need the money so why not
Sounds like fun. I get a gun,a taser, and get to shoot people so why not
This place has a bad history, but I'll give the job a shot
I've heard rumors about this place, but it can't all be true, right?

you're looking around you see Bonnie,Chica and Freddy on stage what do you do

sv_cheats 1
no clip *flies out of the pizzaria*
hhhhmmmmm these are the stupid robots I have to gaurd.pppphhhhh
hhhhmmm robots I have to stop from being stolen, easy
cool looking robots yo

you're begining your shift. Phone guy calls you and tells you what the animatronics will do to you if they get to your office

AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! *runs out of building screaming*
don't sound to bad. I can deal with dumb robots
3 spooky 5 me I'm out
o....o....k I......I ccccc aaa aaaannn dddo tttt tthhh iiiissss

you look at the show stage on camera and see all the animatronics looking at you.

who you looking at fool. I'll MLG 420 blaze it 720 FaZe it yo.I'm 2 MLG 4 you *starts screaming cool stuff*
uuuuuu......uuuuuhhhh *pee your pants*
repeatedly saying I can do this
*goes to the stage,breaks camera, and comes back*. Now those animatronics can't look at me anymore

you see bonnie is not on the stage anymore you look and find him in the dining area.what do you do

break computer moniter
start looking for the others as he has not got too close yet
close monitor gotta conserve power
keep staring at him

you turn on the light to the right door and see chica standing there. react fast or rest in pieces in a metal suit

360 no scope it 50% hitting and killing it 50% missing and dieing horribly
close the door until it goes away
up up down down left right left right B A start = tactical nuke inbound!
staring contest

you pull up your monitor and see the golden freddy poster,pull down your monitor and now it is in your office.NOW WHAT!?

give it a hug
run away
quick scope it you might kill it you might miss and it kills you
Pekachew I chose you Pokemon go. Pekachew use lightning bolt

now bonnie is here at your door......great,here come more decisions

kick it
shoot it
close door

bonnie and chica are gone and the doors are open to conserve power,you pull up your monitor and see foxy peeping out of pirates cove

*screaming* start closing all the doors
I'll keep an eye on you
keep staring at it
go to it kill it, hide it in your office far cry 4 style, until your shift is over and go home

you take another look at the other animatronics and they're all far away from you.you look at pirates cove, only to find foxy is gone and the curtains are wide open.what to do?

close all the doors
look at the halls, see him running down the left hall.*tries to close the door*
run away
(if you chose to kill it in the last question here is an answer that corisponds with that) look behind you and see the
animatronic is gone you look forward again and see him right in front of you

you've run out of power. you see freddy at your door.do or don't do something

stay still and he won't notice me
kill it
freak out and scream
try make it smoke weed, make it get high and hope it flies away