What kind of leader are you? PSB

This quiz will help determine what kind of leader you already are or could be.

published on February 24, 201611 responses 0

Now you have the power in your hand to decide on what to do in a project, how would you do it?

start breaking down things that need to be done and assigning duties or roles to people you think is is right for.
start by asking what their opinions are and checking to see that there is any talents that they want to explore.

You are now being sent to a Primary School to be a PE teacher and on your first day you got assigned to a rowdy class. On top of that, The Head Of Department requires you to get their height and weight by the end of that lesson. What would you do?

Introduce yourself and get to know your class and do and ice breaking exercise for both you and the students.
Create a step by step plan so that this simple task could be executed, doing what ever you have to do,to submit your work by
the end of that lesson.

What kind of system would you prefer to have in your company?

Use of schedules and step-by-step plans, and a punishment/incentive system
Communication facilitation, casual interactions and frequent team meetings

A team member is feeling really stressed out from the amount of work given and deadline is around the corner,what will you do?

would you talk to her and ask what is going on?
nicely inform her that the deadline is coming and he/she needs to focus.

You found out that you and your team have a lot of chores given and it has to be completed today,what would you do?

Start making yourself a to do list so that everything would be done today.
inform your boss that your team don't have enough time as you know that you don't have enough time.
set a meeting and ask everyone what are they think should be done.