Which 39 Clues Cahill Branch do you belong to?

Which 39 Clues Cahill Branch do you belong to?

You are a Cahill, a part of a family that has literally shaped human history. You are about to embark on a hunt for the 39 Clues, which will make you the most powerful person on earth. But which branch are you in? Are you a Janus, a Lucian, and Ekaterina, or a Tomas?

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What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?

What do you do in your spare time?

Wrestle with my siblings.
Paint, draw, or write.

Which Cahill do you like best?


What job would you like best?


Out of these, who is your favorite Cahill?

Irina Spasky
Jonah Wizard
Alistair Oh
Hamilton Holt

Which character do you most identify with?

Ian Kabra
Ned Starling
Reagan Holt
Cora Wizard

Now that you're a Cahill, what do you never leave home without?

Putty that burns through locks and stuff.
Poison. Anywhere it's convenient; maybe I'll take a hint from Irina and wear it in my fingernails.
Uh, what? Sorry, I wasn't paying any attention. But as I always say, "Never leave home without backup!" or something like
Something creatively practical. Like a beautiful ring with lasers hidden in the diamond.

If you won the 39 clues, what would you do with it?

Use it to make the greatest scientific discoveries ever!
Become the most powerful person on earth.
Umm... I haven't got that far. But I won't be a nerd/geek anymore!
Become rich and famous.

Which branch do you think you belong to?


Which branch do you want to be in?


Which of the following historical Cahills do you like most? (1/3)

Marie Curie
Anastasia Romanov
Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Which of the following historical Cahills do you like most? (2/3)

Thomas Edison
Theodore Roosevelt
Shaka Zulu
Elvis Presly

Which of the following historical characters do you like most? (3/3)

Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
George Washington
Vincent Van Gogh

What is one word to describe you?


What animal sounds coolest?


What sounds like the best hideout?

A super-protected fort in the Bermuda Triangle.
A fort under the guise of an ambassador's school in Russia.
An underground hideout underneath a factory that doesn't produce anything. Oh, in Africa somewhere.
An underground stronghold/museum that you access through a music store in Venice, Italy.

Solve this equation. 2x + 4 = 4x +17

Who actually CARES about equations? Huh?
Let's see... get rid of the 2x and subtract it from 4x, giving you 4 = 2x +17... and then you...
What's an equation? And who needs it!?

Which poison is the best for eliminating a rival in the hunt for the 39 Clues?

A serum that gradually eats away your skin. (me: eeew! gross! and evil!)
Um? Poison? Seriously, that's DUMB. (me: I agree!)
Temporary paralysis.
Temporary confusion. As in, can't see, senses of smell, taste, and feel altered, etc.

How do you think through problems?

Duh! The scientific method!
Um... Well, the truth is, I'm kind of impulsive.
Pros vs. Cons. Doesn't need to be more simple or more complicated than that.
I just ask myself, "What is the most creative way to solve this problem?" and it comes naturally.

Pretend that you're at Pottery Place. What are you doing?

I've snuck into the back, where I'm examining the ovens that bake the pottery.
Duh! Painting!
The only way I'd be caught dead in there would be if I was spying.
Smashing things, maybe? Aaargh!

Where is your place of triumph?

A laboratory where I just discovered a cure for cancer!
The top of Mount Everest!
In an underground bunker, celebrating your latest feat in spying.
Anywhere with a paintbrush, microphone, or piano.

Which would you most like to have as a pet?

A snake
A bear cub
A wolf cub
A lizard

Which place would you most like to visit?

Himalayas (Mt. Everest)

Which place would you most like to explore?

An uncharted jungle.
An enemy camp.
A museum.
A top-secret laboratory.

If you've been kidnapped and you're trapped in the back of a moving vehicle, what do you do?

Knock the door down and jump.
Trick the person as they come in, making them think you aren't there. Then, attack!
Use that putty that I talked about earlier and use a grappler to jump out without any injuries.
As soon as the door opens, inject the person with temporary paralysis poison and escape.