Which Amazing World of Gumball Character Are You?

Which Amazing World of Gumball Character Are You?

According to your answers, you will be ether Anais, Richard, Nicole, Darwin, or Gumball. Since lots of people love this show, I decided to make a personality quiz on it too! I hope you enjoy this quiz!

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Do you label yourself as a couch potato?

Uh, n-no..Well... Yes!
I don't think I would be able to get Gumball, Darwin, and Anais to school if I was.

What is your favorite color?


For this next question, select the statement that best describes you.

I'm very intelligent. I'm the smartest kid in this whole family!
I'm very responsible. I work really hard. Sometimes I just feel like my feet are gonna fall off. (gasp) They already did! Richard,
please go get me my feet!
I'm awesome! I go on adventures and stuff like dat. Hold up, hold up. Let me holla at my friend over here. Hey Penny, what's
good? Your shell is looking nice-and brown! Oh yeah, man. I'm just awesome you know.
Mom! Gumball is doing this stupid bet with Tina! I told him I wouldn't tell you, please don't tell him!

What do you like to do at home?

Watch TV
Play Video Games
Chat Online

Who are you afraid of?

Ocho (he's a very emotional dude and is an aggressive 8 bit spider!)
Getting fired.
What-huh? Could you say that again?! Nicole what did she say?
I'm not afraid of anything! Well, I'm not telling you who.