Where do you fit in the pro-life movement?

Where do you fit in the pro-life movement?

Want to get involved in the pro-life movement? Not sure what the best role for you is? Take this quiz and find out!

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What is your age?

Under 18

What does your schedule look like?

I work full time and I have other responsibilities in the evenings and weekends
I work full time, but my evenings and weekends are free
I work part-time or have a flexible schedule
I'm in middle school or high school
I'm in college
I don't work

Which of these sounds like a good weekend?

Walking around downtown, talking with locals, being part of a crowd
Scrolling through social media or texting friends
Prayer, meditation, or reading Scripture
Volunteering with an organization that does good in my community
Helping a friend who is facing a tough decision and wants advice
Shopping, going out to eat, or seeing a movie

Are you a people person?

I love being in front of crowds. Public speaking energizes me.
I like being with a core group of people I trust
I prefer time by myself
I enjoy one-on-one conversations
I like talking to people, but I prefer to do it digitally rather than in person
I like hanging out with my friends and going out on the town

How are you with controversial topics?

Controversial issues get my energy up, and I love a lively debate
I'm fine with talking about them, but I prefer to find common ground
I'd rather talk to someone who already agrees with me or is open to what I'm saying
I have personal opinions, but I prefer to keep them to myself
I'd rather support a cause financially than talk about it
I'll talk about them, but it's easier with strangers, especially over the internet

What do you think is the key to ending abortion?

Changing the laws of our country
Pregnant people having good community support
Well-funded community organizations providing for pregnant women's needs
Educating women about all of their options
Changing public opinion
Divine intervention

Which of these sounds like something you could do?

Sidewalk Counseling (talking to abortion-minded women outside an abortion facility)
Volunteering with a pregnancy center as a client advocate, administrative assistant, or in another support role
Supporting pregnancy centers and other pro-life efforts financially
Spending time in quiet, peaceful prayer outside an abortion facility
Rallying people around pro-life issues and encouraging people to vote
Sharing the pro-life message on social media

Which of these would you like to wear?

Casual, comfy clothes
Fancy outfits (suit or tux, fancy dress, etc)
Clothes that are good for walking around outside all day
Professional, clean, stylish clothes