Which Color Are You? (2)

Which Color Are You? (2)

Okay, take this quiz and you will find that this is pretty accurate, although I can't guarantee. Well, girls only, pls! OK, the cover's a bit dumb. Not all of the choices are on here! :)

published on August 16, 201815 responses 4
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Where would you spend your ideal afternoon?

Where would you spend your ideal afternoon?
A tropical place where I wear a sundress
Have a pinky afternoon tea with my dressed-pink-from-head-to-toe poodle! With cute little biscuits.
Oh, go to the mall with my BFFs and look for some new fashion designer clothes. I could bring somebody else if they
want to, no matter what they're like! I'm nice :)
Ha ha, zoom on my skateboard to search for people who are in big big trouble (not something like I forgot to do my
chores!). Heroic!
Eh...I don't know. I'm always dizzy when it goes to maps and places! Somewhere blue?
Just tell my sister to shut up!
Oh, my mother told me that I must wear that stupid dress so tightly that I couldn't breathe.....................................
anyways, I love being a princess!

Which is your favorite subject (or none)?

Science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, science, and
Um, ah...fashion, if there is one! Ha ha, really. Art or designing. I guess music is pretty nice after all!
Oops! Sorry, but I can't choose! My mother decides for me. French, Spanish, and royal studies! I guess that's my
type! I'm a royalty, idiot! Oops, I mean, unintelligent being!
One thing for sure is that I hate Math! My brain is like...a preserve or jam! Blueberry flavored.
I guess physics is pretty cool! I do that for my cute poodle!
Geography! It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo fun! I live on an island, anyways! It's always sunny.
Um, SPORTS! They help during life and death situations!

Do you want a boyfriend?

No, duh! That's a big distraction!
Yes, they will love my new Naomi skirt!
Ah, if they're nice and cute, then yes!
Forced to by my mother!
What do you mean?
Nobody likes me, I'm sort of like a creep.

Who is your favorite singer/composer?

Michael Jackson
Taylor Swift
Arianna Grande
J.S Bach
Katy Perry
I don't like any
Justin Bieber

UM, which is your favorite fruit?

Raspberry, of course
White peaches and strawberries from Windsor Castle
I hate fruits...
Anything that makes me fit.
Apricots or tropical fruits.
Nah, apples...