who are you in Thg

who are you in Thg

who are you in the hunger games ? maybe gale or Peeta ... i dont know maybe you are your favorite character. i dont know to see who you are take this quiz!

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what weapon do you use

bow and arrow
throwing large/rocks
i wrestle and im good at camo
anything that looks good..i guess
a good beer

what is your favorite color


what district would you live in?

district twelve
i reap names
i dont go to thg
im a mentor

who do you allie with

nobody i can win the games on my own!!!
glimmer cato and marvel
i just watch the games
i send stuff to katniss and peeta
im straightening my wig !!! now let me concentrate
katniss also

how do you die

a rock
i got speared
i cried over deaths
i hoped that katniss didnt die
i sent stuff so that the tributes from MY districts didnt die
i won
i won to

when do you die

i win
i also win
in the middleish
in the final 8
i dont go to the hunger games
i die i dont know when but i do die by a career
im watching ... i hope katniss wins!!!
oh oh oh falls over beacuse im drinking to much

alright final question .... who do you think you are

clove.. i love knoves
katniss ..i know im her
peeta ..the boy with bread
thresh .. i have a knack with throwing rocks
effie ..i love wigs
rue..look above you a tracker jacker nest..!!WATCH OUT
haymitch i havea beer in ahnd always
GGGAAALLLEEE.... hes soooo hot