Warrior Cats! <3

Warrior Cats! <3

For all you warrior cat loving fans! (This is my first quiz no mean comments please!)

published on April 14, 201630 responses 11

(Im sorry this is so short but.. LAST QUESTION!) You see a juicy piece of prey on another clans border! What do you do?

Catch it and eat it! its the middle of leafbare and you havent ate for 3 days!
Leave it! Its another clans food!
Whats prey? WHY AM I HERE!!!?
Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Im just looking for herbs ^-^

You find a kit inside your border. You find out that its from another clan! What in the starclan do you do!

Kill it?
Rescue it and bring it home claiming that you don't know where it came from
Ignore it (NO!)
Bring it to the border to wait for a patrol to come and get it

You are in the midst of battle and you see that your leader is being attacked! You know he is on his last life what do you do?!

Go and help him of course!
Get some herbs!
Your a kittypet... whats a battle?!?!

Do you think Firestar and Sandstorm should have been mates?

I dont like it!

Do you like french fries?