What Shut up flower boy band character are you?

Do you love Korean drama's wonder what shut up flower boy band character are you, well this is your chance to find out

published on October 22, 20145 responses 0

What is your dream to become?

Vocals & Guitarist
Muse & student
Leader, vocals & pianist
Leader, Vocals & Guitarist
Hair dresser
Solo Artist
CEO of an entrainment company

What is your favourite colour?

Dark colours

What is your favourite food?

Ice cream
Fish cakes
Cheese and Mac
Healthy on the run meal
A restaurant food

What is your good qualities?

You are loyal to your friends
You can be short tempered and some off as cold, but when it comes to the people you care about you are caring and sweet
you are quiet, kind, and perhaps overly serious
You are a flirt but when it comes to looks they make up for it
you may be the shortest or youngest in your group of friends but you very funny and kind
you are pilot and soft-spoken
You may get jealous easily but you only want the best for the ones you care about and love
You are a great leader, a fighter and have a lot of conviction, you can be stubborn but that shows that you have a lot of inner strength. You are probably the biggest dreamer for miles
You are loyal to your friends and love one, you would do anything for them and die for them
You are creative, understanding, kind and compassionate you have the heart of gold
You are smart, realistic and down to earth you know what works and what doesn't, you can be over serious some times

What do you think you can deal with if you had to restart your life?

being raised by his grandparents after his mother abandoned as a child.
caring for your sick little sister
being a child of a powerful mod boss
notorious player
being the shortest out of all of your friends
being a child of a wealthy businessman who's gone bankrupt. As a result, you are forced to moved to a poorer neighbourhood
being a leader of the school band and come from a rich family
having a drunk father, mother died from child birth and you get in to lots of fights
A long-time friend and support to you friends group, has a crush on one of the group and stick up for your crush even though they don't show any sign of interest
After your car almost hits someone
Having a little brother and working as a CEO of your now entrainment company