Personality Type

This is a personality test to determine which type you are out of four personality types. Choose the best option listed to complete each statement.

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When I check my email for the first time each day I sort them in order of importance with

"math problem of the day" being the most important.
"word of the day" being the most important.
"fact of the day" being most important.
"experiment of the day" being most important.

To introduce myself to others upon entering a party I

scan the room and make a mental plan of the people I want to introduce myself to.
scan the room to recognize others who appear uncomfortable and smiling, I introduce myself to help them feel more
scan the room to find the host and offer my help in managing the buffet.
scan the room to find the most unusual person at the party and introduce myself to them so that I may have a new
experience with a type of person I have never known before.

If I could have a superpower it would be

superhuman intelligence.
mind control.
time travel.

My basic approach to life is

every day should be strategically planned.
I should always strive to help others.
I must always be reliable and protect my loved ones.
when a new experience presents itself I should always attempt it.

When planning for a vacation I

research the restaurants along your route and plan each meal without allowing diversion.
ask my family which restaurants they want to experience.
chose the restaurants that are most popular.
plan, I don't plan my vacation. I just jump in the car and go where it takes me.

To solve a problem I

spend some time thinking about the problem and plan a specific solution.
think of many possible ideals that might solve the problem.
rely on my own expertise to solve the problem.
dive in and see where it goes.

My ideal job would be

human resources manager.

I consider myself to be

strategic and logical.
nurturing and creative.
responsible and organized.
a thrill seeker.

If I were/am a parent I would want to be

consistent and rational.
warm and supportive.
stable, structured, and practical.
loving, affectionate, and fun.

When communicating with others I am

direct and detached.
warm and compassionate.
clear and controlling.
enthusiastic and light hearted.