The Ultimate Mood Ring

The Ultimate Mood Ring

What's your mood right now? Are you excited? Are you sad? Determines your mood and gives you a way to either stay happy, turn the frown upside down, or something else!

published on June 16, 2015116 responses 18 4.6★ / 5

Which of these colors best suits you right now?

Black or white
Red! No, blue! No, yellow! I can't choose!
I don't even know...

Which of these symbols do you think most describes you right now?

A tense, tightly wound string.
*sigh* Just a sad emoji or something.
A hulk! X-(
A person tapping their fingers on a desk, desperately staring at the screen. (What? I'm totally bored.)
A big, huge question mark. Or a long, long string of question marks.
A candle burnt out from both ends.
*sigh* I can't think right now. Please don't ask me that.

If a friend invited you over right now, what would you say?

Absolutely! I'll be right over!
Sure. Be there. In a minute. Bye. *hangs up* (Me: You're tense.) *nods rigidly*
*sigh* Sure. *spends the whole time there not saying a word*
Agh! Fine! Can we talk about something?
Absolutely not! What made you think I'd come over right after our argument?!
YUSSS! Something to do!! :D :D :D *runs over as fast as possible*
IDK.. Yes.. Maybe... *sigh* I don't know! Yes! Coming!
Sorry, but no. I'm just too tired right now.

Why are you taking this quiz?

Just because. ^.^
Because I need something to distract me.
*sigh* Because I need to get my mind off of... Something. Don't ask. (Me: OK, I won't Don't be sad!) *sighs and looks away* :(
Because!! Don't question me! I decided to take this quiz, I am in a bad mood right now, DO NOT ASK ME WHY!!
Because I am absolutely, positively bored.
To get some answers.
IDK... maybe I should stop... and... go... to... sleep... zzz...

Which of these would you say you are?

Happy! :D
Sad... :'(
Dying of boredom.
Confused. My head is spinning a million miles an hour.
*sigh* Tired...