Could you be my twin? (1)

Could you be my twin? (1)

Hey guys! Me again! This is my second quiz so don't judge me! Anyways I had to do chores for my aunt so I did this to seem I was busy... So yea...

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Ok for the question that everyone hates Tori:*Hides behind Carmen* (Carmen's my cousin!) Ok what's your favorite color?

Anything dark
Anything light
Oh no not you again! Tori:Oh great it's you!

Glad that's over. Ok what's your favorite animal?

Wolves, anything to do with dogs
Anything to do with cats
Hamsters, bears, something fuzzy :->
Dragons, fantasy animals Tori:Does that include unicorns too? A4:Unicorns are fantasy animals blonde Tori:Hmph
I hate you Tori! Tori:A5! What's wrong with you?! A5:Everything! Tori:Oh wait you and A3 switched places since A3 says different A5:Yep!

Ok... What's the color of your hair

Blonde! Tori: Omg I always wanted a mini me!
Brunette Tori:Well I have blonde hair but ok!
I have dark hair so haha Tori! Tori:A3! Your back! A3:Leave me alone! Answer Abuse help! Tori:*Hits with pan and runs* wait... You don't have hair A3... A3:oh yea... A2:Of course Tori would use a pan Tori:I'm cooking waffles so what?

The most important question of all. Do you like waffles?

*gasp* I don't like them! I love them! Omg we are already twins! Tori:Yay! Waffles Party WHOO!
I guess? Tori:How does one simply guess?
No! I hate them no more than I hate you Tori! Tori:That's it! A3:No! Tori please don't! Tori:Too late! A3:Nooo!
Sure. A1:Hey! Pay your respects! A4:Shut up A1! A1:You don't talk to me like that! I am the # one... Answer! So ha!
^Why didn't you just say girl or boy? A1:Because I don't know my gender...
^Omg none of us do! Hey Tori? What are we?
Tori:Idk just call each other "it" ok? A1:You mean you don't know? Tori:No... Everyone:O_O

Are you funny or serious? Tori:*hides behind Carmen again*

Funny! Tori:Hey me too!
I can be both. Tori:Stop being serious! A2:Why? Tori:Because it's bad for this quiz! A2:Who wants to be twins with you anyways? Tori:Who ever wants to be!
Serious and good one A2 I agree. Tori:So we have a hater? A3:*tazers Tori* Tori:Yea you better run!*catches A3 and ties up* A3:Let me go! Toro:A1! A1:Yea? Tori:A3 has you waffles! A1:Oh uh uh! A3:No Tori!

What's your favorite song out of the ones I chose? (I won't judge you as long as you don't judge me)

Anything from Jeffrey star (don't judge me)
Keep bleeding by Leona Lewis
I hate A4 Tori:I agree with you A3 for the first time in foreva! No I hate that song!(I won't judge!)
Do you wanna build a snowman! Tori:Usually I'm nit this violent but...*shoots A4* sorry A4!
A4 will be missed... A3:No it won't Tori:Stop with the gender thing! Everyone:Fine!

If you were lost on an island what would it be!

Waffle land! It's like heaven there*Starts crying* Tori:*cries*I know right!
Anywhere sunny! Tori:that's reasonable
Anywhere your not >:-| Tori:Very negative are we? A3:Yep very I don't like you Tori I never did since the first time I was put in your quizzes. Tori:Which was once. A3:What about the future?! Tori:Idk comment if you want me to make more quizzes!

What kind of movies do you like?

Horror and comedy! Tori:You are my twin! Who needs results!
Romance<3 Tori:Let me guess... You watch romance because you have no love? A2:Shut up! Tori:No!
Sci-Fi Tori:Haha A3 watches Sci-Fi! I'm not talking about the people who do tho! I'm just talking about A3! A3:Hey!


Ok then... Tori:Hater
Just shut up! Carmen:Stop being mean to the blonde A3! A3:Omg who are you?! Tori:Haha Carmen's my cousin she wanted to be mentioned in the quiz but sadly does not have a qfeast account A3:Oh but I still hate you Tori!
Shine bright like a waffle!
Wait I thought A4 got shot? Tori:Yea but A4 came back and fell in love with waffles A4:Shine bright like a waffle! A5:That explains it...
Alright just give me my results! Tori:We are not there yet!

If you could turn something nonliving into something living... What would it be?

I would turn a waffle into a living thing so I could have a pet waffle like you Tori! And i could name it Mini Mr.Biggles worth! Tori:Hey just like Mr.Bigglesworth my pet waffle!
I would turn A3 alive so I could it and Tori fight! Tori: Thanks a lot A2
Thanks A2! I would turn A2 alive since A2 was nice enough to turn me alive. Tori: Who siad that was gonna happen? >:-)
Everyone: O_O A2:Tori's gone mad guys! Run!

Bye! Hope you enjoyed!

YESH! It was great!
It was fine
Nope! Hated it just like yo- Tori:*Hits A3 with pan and runs*
Yes it was fun
Why does A3 get torched all the time?
Everyone:*running away from Tori* Tori's gone mad!!! AAAHHH!!!