What is your Warriorcat name and life?

Are u a sweet cat, or a bloodthirsty cat? What clan r u from? Do u like fish? Or frogs? Or Rabbits? Or birds maybe? Take this quiz to find out.

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You are a kit. Your littermates go out to the forest. You........

Go with them! Adventure!
I go with them, but I'm blaming my littermates when we get back.
I don't. I could never!
Don't care.
I would be the one to lead them.
Find Waffles!
Alright, if I have too.

You have become an apprentice! You get the grumpiest cat in the clan for a mentor! You.....

Whine and complain to your leader.
Try to make friends with the cat.
Claw his/her face.
Try to cope.
I don't know. I guess I just, well I don't know.
Find waffles to make me feel better
Don't follow his orders, and maybe I'll get a different mentor.

You are on a patrol and you see a cat from another clan on your territory. What do you do?

Go back to camp and tell my leader.
I don't care.
Teach them a lesson and rip them to shreds.
Go up to this cat and ask him/her why they're there.
Go back to camp and tell the clan.
Offer some waffles to them if they leave.
Go tell it how you always find that clan on your territory.

Your a warrior! What is the last part of your name?

I don't care
It doesn't matter to me. My leader will choose.

You and your clan are starving. You finally catch some fresh-kill! What do you do?

Who cares I leave it there to rot.
Bring it to the elders.
I eat it!
Bring it to the Queens and Kits.
I don't catch fresh-kill. I'm a medicine cat.
Trade it for waffles.
I grumble about the warrior code and how you have to feed the clan first as you carry it back to camp.

You are at a gathering and you meet a sweet young cat from another clan. You have feelings for them. What do you do about it?

I meet with them in secret.
I don't care.
I can't fall in love with a cat from another clan, so I kill them.
I try to hide my feelings and be loyal to the warrior code.
I can't mate I'm a med. cat.
I don't think I would be in love with a cat. My mate is waffles!
Go talk to yourself on how wrong this is.

The deputy has died in a battle. The leader appoints you as the next deputy. What do you say to the leader?

I'm sorry, but I can't accept this responsibility.
I would be honored.
YES(I will be a good leader once the old rags dies)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I'm a med. cat so.........yah.
Does that mean I get extra waffles?
Ugh! If I have to............

You are in battle. You see the cat you love from a different clan! What do you do?

I don't care.
I would avoid them.
I attack them, but, keep my claws sheathed so I don't hurt them.
Well I'm a med. cat so, I won't be going into battle.
Waffles is in a clan??!!
Ugh! Why am I so stupid? Falling in love with a cat from another clan?

You have 2 kits! One is golden, and one is brown. What are there names?

Lionkit, and Brakenkit
Goldenkit, and Barkkit
Marigoldkit, and Rootkit
Creamkit, and Bramblekit
I can't have kits cause I'm a medicine cat, but I was thinking Lionkit and Bramblekit.
Wafflekit, and Waffleskit
Leopardkit and Leafkit

You are made leader. What do you think of this?

Yes!!!!!! POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know................
I will do my best.
I don't care.
Waffles is made deputy!
Uhh!!!!!! So much responcibility! Do I have to?

This quiz was..............

Pretty good.
Yah umm I'm a med. cat. Wait......
I don't care.
I hated it.
Waffles thinks it's awesome!
Do I have to answer?