What Philosophy Matches Your Teaching Style?

Do your teaching methods and ideals resemble a certain philosophy? This quiz will help you determine if you are more of a teacher of Rationalism, Empiricism, Natural Empiricism, or Pragmatisim.

published on May 10, 2014148 responses 0
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Click the answer that BEST represents your view on grades and evaluations.

Evaluation is important to look for the student's comprehensive understanding.
Grades are bad for students because they reduce individuality and learning is an individual matter.
Evaluation is important so that the teacher is assured that specific content was learned.
Evaluation should be done in terms of the student's ability to learn and is more for the teacher than the student.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on motivation in education.

Extrinsic motivation works best and should be used.
Children will naturally be motivated to learn when a topic interests them.
Motivation is intrinsic; it comes largely from the student. Students are the ones who have the ultimate responsibility for learning.
Students become more motivated after successful and meaningful experiences, which should turn into a progressive cycle success breeding success.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on the student's role in education.

The student's role is that of an apprentice to the master/teacher. The teacher leads the student.
Students are to molded to fit the ideals and standards of the teacher and/or school. The teacher knows best.
The student's role is that of a colleague and equal with the teacher. The student leads the teacher.
Students are individuals that need to do the majority of the thinking and learning on their own.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on teaching methods.

There does not need to be a set method because every student is different. Instead, methods and ideas should be tested for and by each student.
There should be minimum teacher intervention in the process of learning. The teacher should work with the child's natural speed, ambition, and needs.
Lectures and readings as determined by experts are good to use, but methods may differ depending on the grade level.
The Socratic method is best. Teachers should lead students to find solutions to problems and answers to questions.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on content and curriculum in the classroom.

Content is very important, must be about things of value (which are lasting and eternal), and must be well-prepared by the teacher.
Content is very important, has stood the "test of time" and must be decided and prescribed by experts and authorities in the field.
Content is not important. One should simply learn what comes up naturally in life.
Content is irrelevant. The process of learning is more important than what is learned.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on discipline in education.

Discipline is a means of securing patterns of behavior that will eventually benefit the student.
Students should adhere to the rules so that more effective learning can take place.
Classroom behavior is a minor matter as long as behavior is on-task and the students are learning.
Discipline should be present, but self-discipline is more important. Good discipline is more enforced by the natural consequences of a bad decision than by punishment from the teacher.

Click the answer that BEST represents your view on the teacher's role in education.

The teacher's job is to provide knowledge along with prescribed sources to the student as well as mold the individual.
The teacher is an organizer and cheerleader to the student, helping them learn how to learn on their own.
The teacher imparts knowledge to the student, learns along with the student, and models ideals taught. They are like a librarian and specialist in their specific field.
The teacher is not a dispenser of information but is an enabler and helper to the student.