Two of a Kind (1)

This is a test to determine wich "two of a kind" character you are. Enjoy!

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Favorite color?

Black and blue. Colors of pain. And my
Mango, triangle! I hate questions!

Male or Female?


Who do you think you will get?

Personally, I don't care as long as this test is
over soon (me: then why r u taking it?)

What is the band you would want your kids to listen to?

Blood, Torture, Awsome
Something sweet and kind. Like church music
ot the new "Springfeild Meadow" song.
Whatever my wife wants, i think
I would want something like "Mango, Bannana,
Apple" possibly yo gabba gabba
Aomething cool and in. Like lady gaga or
megan trainor. Or what my mom would choose.

Would you hate your children if they did not like you?

Of course not! I would sit down and talk to
them about it and fix it like a good mother.
Yes, a little.
No. I would be a good father and make it so
they did like me.
No. I'd ignore it.
I would not hate them, I'd just hide my
sadness by pretending i disliked them.

Who would u marry?

Nobody because i dont need jack.
Someone i love and who will occasionally cater
to me. Someone whos not dumb like my
Someone special and who i feel ssafe around.
Someone i love. Simple as that.
Someone pretty and loves me even though i
am not smart.
Someone who likes me and my mother's ways.
A cute guy

What is your weakness?

Weakness? Weakness is not in my vocabulary.
Literally, what does it mean?
Weakness? Hah!
My mother is teahing me that the weakness is
My weakness is evil and things inhumaine.
It uses to be my wife. Now its her friends.

What is your middle name?

Don't care.
Something beautiful like mori (which is latin for
die) but i got stuck with marie
I wish it were not violent but my middle name
is diveena (in barbie world it means death
valley) thankfully, i had it leagally changee to

If you had to live in any magical world what would it be?

My magic land is any place safe from my boss
Some place evil... Like narnia or iraq

Your friend is in trouble, what do u do?

Help the attacker. Who needs friends?
Beg my boss to let me save them
Help my friend!
Cell phone time! What was the question?
Help my friend