How dark are you?

How dark are you?

How dark are you really? Take this quiz to find out. Make sure to answer honestly

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What appeals to you the most

Being surrounded by people
Being surrounded be a select few
Only hangs out with one person
I hate humans

Would you laugh at the mortification of others?

Of course not
Just a chuckle
I'd laugh my butt off
Laugh my guts out
Embarass them even more

You see a girl crying. What do you do?

Ask if they are alright
Look away
Roll eyes and walk away
Tease her and make her feel worse
Make her do more than cry.......

Are you a sadist

What's that?
Meh depends
Sure I am
I love seeing others in pain

What's your veiw on death?

It's a natural thing
I love the aesthetic that death itself has
Don't care

How would you describe yourself

Im pretty cheerful
I'm a downer at times
I'm pretty negative
I always think the worst
I hate everything