Which one is the REAL Ezra?!

Which one is the REAL Ezra?!

Me and Espio were going to Sonic's party, but Dr. Egghead just had to show up and make replicas of me! It's up to you now to pick the right Ezra and save the day!

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Did you read the description?

I will
I don't want to (Me: You have to)

Espio: Ezra should be here by now, I hope she is not hurt
You: I don't know where she-
Ezra: Sorry I'm late

Where were you Ezra (...)
Hi Ezra!
I don't trust you

Then, another Ezra showed up.
Ezra on the right: Don't trust her! I'm the real Ezra!
Ezra on the left: No I am! Dr. Eggman made a replica of Ezra!

Ezra on the right is the real one
I trust Ezra on the left
If they're replicas then they're both Ezra
They're fake!

Espio: What the heck!?
You: Which one is the real Ezra?
Both Ezras: I am!

The left one
The right one
Both of them
None of them

You looked around and saw ANOTHER Ezra in a cage.
You: Espio! Look!
You pointed over to the Ezra
Espio: Do you think that its her?


Ezras: If you pick the right Ezra, she wont...
Espio: She wont what?
Ezras: Die

I could care less
Which one is the right one?
I know which one to pick

Espio: Which one is the right one?

Right one
Left one
Both of them
Ezra in the cage