Exo zombies Character chooser

Exo zombies Character chooser

See what sort of exo zombies character you are, either Lilith, oz, Decker or Kahn.

published on October 05, 2015104 responses 6 5.0★ / 5

What would you normaly do at the start?

Buy the Bull dog and destroy!
Get the most points out of my atlas then try to get my suit
Buy all the doors and MK14 for the win
What ever i feel like

What is your favourite sort of weapon?

Cel 3, the new ray gun.
Heavy or berserk.
Light and quick
Support style

What is your favorite drop?

DNA bomb
Max ammo
Hyper Damage

What do you normal play exo zombies for?

The strategy
To survive
Nothing else to do...

Who do you play exo zombies with?


Favorite exo abilities?

Exo reload
Exo slam
Exo medic
Exo health

Who do you think you are?


Favorite line...

I hate the atlas corporation...
Kennels? That's where i keep my security dogs!
Holy!... I'm flying!
The ultimate zombie off switch

Exo suit

I got my super suit!
Hope it fits...
Time to suit up.
Alright alright..

Out of ammo or out of ammo... what to say to warn the others?

You fu**s wanna cover me! I gotta reload!
Sh** I'm running low
Damn, gotta watch my ammo...
I'm out of everything!