Which kind of guy is right for you?

Which kind of guy is right for you?

Find out who you should date a skater, preppy, jock, or geek its a great way to find out who's right for you

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what do you do in your spare time?

skate at the park
go to the gym and pretend to work out while watching hot guys
studying for a test
design cute new outfits

do you where makeup?


Do you like your grades? sorry its required

No they're all so low
yes they're so high it's awesome
I'm only getting good grades because I'm cheating
I think I can do better in some areas

do you want a relationship?

Yes! I'm a loner
I'm already in one
No Eww boys are gross
yes I think I do

what's your favorite color?

blacks and grays
plaid and bright
bright colors that pop
cute bold color with patters