Will you get stung?

Will you get stung?

A personality quiz to find out if you would get stung when a wasp lands on you! Good luck!

published on August 05, 201480 responses 62 4.5★ / 5

You are having a picnic and a wasp flies near you, you...

Step away
Continue eating

It flies onto you, you

Stay still

It flies off of you and onto the food in on your plate you,

Step away-you were finished eating anyway!
Continue eating!-an insect can't stop you!

The wasp goes off of your plate and starts flying around you, you...

Freak out!
Stay calm

Have you ever gotten stung before?

Yes :(
No! But I'm afraid to!

The wasp lands on your nose! You...

Swat at it
Stay still

The wasp lands on the ground. Do you stomp on it? (You are wearing shoes)


It's over. Let's find out if you got stung, shall we?