What animal are you? (24)

What animal are you? (24)

You could be a cat, dog, bunny or even a unicorn! Hope you enjoy my awesome Quiz...

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What is your fave colour?


Are you a vegetarian or vegan

not really
yep, I like my greens
I want to be but I can't help eating meat most of the time!

Somebody at school calls you a loser you...

start a drama between that and get like half your class/form involved
Insult them back and start a big argument
go off and not have a care in the world
trip them up!
Go to the toilets and cry my heart out!
walk off and have a mournful day at school
let it drop

Your friend has a party but lots of people come and it get out of control so there is a big mess so you...

help clean up even if it takes the whole night of course coz that is what friends do!
brin a few cups and plates to the sink and then leave
help clean up for 5-15 mins and then go home saying you got homework to do
hmm...I would clean up like half the cutlery.
sprint out the door coz I got other things to do
I don't know
shuffle out the door guiltily but the next time you see them a bag of sweets

I know this is daft but...what smily face?

r u dumb or something?

What is your personality?

shy and sweet
cute and pretty!
quite chirpy and loyal
Calm and relaxed and loyal
energetic and popular
I can be fierce and I count myself a leader and I am friendly
always happy and smart

This is the end so bye

awww :(
bye (:D
good riddance
useless git
see you soon