Which sweetener song are you?

are u more of a goodnight n go or a god is a woman? comment ur result ? and take this quiz plz bcz i had to remake it twice

published on August 27, 20184 responses 0
Which sweetener song are you?
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crap. the outfit that u picked out doesn’t fit as cute as you thought, what are you wearing instead?

sexy top& a skirt
a flirty romper w/ some strappy
cute af blouse w/ skinny jeans &
a flowy maxi dress and your fav
ripped jeans w/ a baby tee & vans
a cute lil tee shirt dress
unif shirt & some retro pants

finallyyy... someone gave you the aux cord! what song are you playing?

anything by billie eilish
“perfect” -ed sheeran
“girls like you” -cardi b
“when i was your man” -bruno mars
old taylor swift music
“young dumb & broke” -khalid
some bangers from all diff genres

ok so you’re trying to make your room trendy af, what decor are you adding?

some super cute succulents
concert posters duh
an adorable wall hanging
fairy lights with pictures
a cool record player
a simple tapestry
a vibrant paint color

so you have an hour before class starts, what are you watching on netflix?

the kissing booth, again!!
american horror story
to all the boys i’ve loved before
the great british baking show
makeover shows
vampire diaries

you have to choose an extra elective, which one is your first pick?

a free period lol
history of rock n roll
home ec

eep, so you’ve saved up for this trip forever, where are you headed!

a music festival in an exotic city
the city of love ?
somewhere playful yet exciting like
disney world in tokyo
somewhere gorgeous like greece
a pretty beach
somewhere cool, maybe mexico?

ok last one, it’s my favorite holiday ( halloween ) and u just got invited to a super lit party, what are you dressed as?

a grecian goddess
fun group costume
a frat boy lol
a sexy couples costume
a rockstar
emma chamberlain
minnie mouse