what kind of lightsaber do you have?

Do you want to know what kind of lightsaber you would have if you had one? find out with this awesome quiz.

published on September 01, 201611 responses 1

favorite kind of bread

sour dough bread
baggette bread
flavored loaf bread

favorite weapon

knife or blaster
staff or scyth
nunchucks or sword

IF there were a volcanic eruption, which of these things would you do.

I would find all of the people and animals I loved. Then We would go in the car, or go on bikes and go to safety. The world would be broken, but our bonds as friends and family would not.
I would run run run!!! I would take my most special possesions. I would run until my feet burned up and fell off. I would run as fast as I could. And forget everyone else.
I would take one or two things that I owned, and a safety kit, then i would get my family and pets, and my one or two best friends. then we would go to safety.

which of these instruments would you want to play?


favorite color