When will you get your first period? (5)

This quiz is not 100% acurate, but takes into consideration the same thing a doctor does when estimating for your period.

published on January 28, 20178 responses 0

Do you want your period ( stimulation from The pituitary gland comes from the brain to release hormones and begin puberty)

No way
Not really but I could live with it
Yes and no
Definitely bring on the challenge!

How much do you weigh (may not affect much)

70-85 lbs

Any pubic hair(hair on vagina)

None at all totally bald or a few blond wispy hairs
Some light colored hairs beginning to grow bushier
About half developed starting to become bushy and turning the color of my hair
Full and bushy dark color of my hair or darker

Any discharge

Not at all
Once or twice a
week I had a little
At the end of the there is a thin dried layer
Lots every day can feel the goop

Any armpit hair?

None just smooth
A few light wispy hairs or black dots
A few hairs the color of my head getting fuller
Many hairs the color of my head need to shave or very thick