Animal Personalities

E-Extrovert I-Introvert L-Logical E-Emotional C-Critical(not forgiving) F-Forgiving O-Observent U-Unobservent F-Future Oriented C-Current Oriented P-Past Oriented

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Which do you prefer?

A day out with family
Staying home with a good book

Which do you prefer?

Using past knowledge to solve a
Using your feelings to solve a

Which is more important to you?

Knowing every single detail of
Knowing the broad understanding
of something

Which is more important to you?

Being knowlegable
Being in tune without your emotions

How is your memory?

Very good
Pretty Bad

Where would you rather live?

The country side
The suburbs of a city
A big city

Which do you tend to focus on?

The past
The present
The future

How likely are you going to forgive someone?

Not at all
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely