What kind of Goth are you?

What kind of Goth are you?

There are loads of different types of Goths, each with slightly different fashion and musical tastes. Which style best fits your personality? The futuristic Cyber Goth? The mystical Faerie Goth? It might be time to give your wardrobe a darker look.

published on June 28, 201650 responses 11
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What band/song/type of music do you like/think you'd most like?

Brooding (Type)
Eerie Celtic Music (Type)
My Chemical Romance (Band)
Vampire Weekend (Band)
Spooky Scary Skeletons (Song)
Piano Concerto No. 21 In C Major ( Song)

Why are you taking this quiz?

Because the alternative is actually doing my job.
I'm passing the time until the sun sets and I can have some fun.
I like Goth culture but I also like bright colours so... I'm curious.
I like gruesome details in stories and life.
It came up on my newsfeed and looked like a creative & original quiz, I respect that.
Just for fun :)

What movie would you rather watch?

'Pride and Predjudice'
'Pan's Labyrinth'
'The Hunger Games'
'The Lone Ranger'
An old horror movie like 'The Blob'
I'd rather go to the theatre

What is your social standing?

Loner - I don't relate well to others.
Member of the Big Crazy Leaderless Group - I
love being part of a crowd, and anyone
can join!
Leader - I thrive in small to medium groups
where I have control.
Part of the Popular Crowd - It's not that I'm
mean, I just like being part of high society.
Drifter - I'm independent and chill with
whoever I feel like.
My small, tightly knit and fiercely loyal group
of friends and I totally ignore all that
'social hierarchy' stuff. We're just us. (Note:
you might not realise it, but others often
see you guys as really cool)

What does the apocalyptic future look like in your head?

The world is in ruins, once neat and tidy gardens have gone wild and are creeping up
the crumbling facades of houses, glass and steel empires have fallen. Wandering
through this desolate and beautiful mist-covered landscape like a ghost, you are the last
one left.
Everything is slightly radioactive and consequently glowing neon colours. Everyone has
gone slightly mad and so in the clusters of human colonies, music blasts and people
dance madly. Examples of futuristic technologies are everywhere.
Everyone knows that in a few months a meteor will hit Earth and kill everybody.
Grasped by a 'well-we're-all-dying-soon-so-why-the-heck-not' attitude, you and other
like minded people are basically living like high society folk from the Victorian Era.
Masquerades, corsets, croquet, tea parties; The Whole Shebang.

What is your favourite subject at school?

English (Literature and Poetry)
History (Mythology)
History (Actual History)
I.T or Science
Art or Wood Tech
Maths or I don't go to school.

What would you rather be doing right now?

Reading Twilight
Walking barefoot through a forest you know like the back of your hand, hunting an
unsuspecting hiker.
Jumping on a jumping castle
Out-sassing someone with equally as dark humor as you
Taking something apart to see how it works

What is your preferred occupation?

50's Domestic God/ess
A respectable office job
Something wacky like Inventor or Artist

Which Era do you feel most drawn to?

The Industrial Revolution
The 50's
Modern Day
The Futuristic Future

You're invited to three parties, but can only attend one. Which?

A Halloween dress-up party at two in the
afternoon, filled with fun silliness. There will
rubber spiders, a game of toilet-paper
mummies, themed cupcakes, and riduculous
An elegant dinner party at midnight in a
mansion. The dress code is formal and
the company old fashioned, polite, chivalrous
and wry, and red wine the drink of the
An outdoor revel on Midsummer's Eve,
coincidently also the night of the Full Moon
extremely rare occurrence). Dancing will
continue from dusk 'till dawn, the band will
include a violin and flute, and things are
guaranteed to get wild.

What creature do you most associate with?

Black Swan
Adorable Killer Bunny
Bloodsucking Transylvanian Bat
Wood Sprite

What colour(s)/styles do you like to wear?

Black and flowing, lace and velvet.
Black and rigid, corsets and intricate hairdos.
Dark & sensible attire, a professional look.
Black and red, capes and sunnies.
Bronze and gold, metallic and chunky.
Shimmery and soft muted colours, flowers
garlands and sharpened nails.
Frilly, pastel, cute.
Bright and vivid, cherries and polka dots.
Neon and fluro colours, random glowing bits.