Who is your Star Wars boyfriend?

Find out who your true Star Wars boyfriend is. Maybe kylo Ren? Or Hux? Or even anakin.

published on January 29, 201710 responses 1 1.0★ / 5

Describe yourself

Dark, mysterious,
angsty, and I love
my grandpa
I like order, and
things being clean,
and being cold to
I like to fly planes and look cool
I am very nervous.

Favourite colour


Best first date place

A dark room
A very clean ship
A pizza hut
A long walk in the sand

Describe your aesthetic

Black like my soul XD rawr. My chemical romance. Angsty
Angry man, cool hair.
Flying planes, sharing jackets, being gay
Lying, wearing a cool jacket, sexually confused.

Favourite animal

A dead squirrel
A warm cat
A dog
A turtle

Favourite movie

National treasure
Star Wars
A walk to remember

Favourite food

Chicken nuggets
A Cesar salad
Kraft dinner

Favourite song

Welcome to the back parade - my chemical romance
Call me maybe- Carly ray jepson
Hit me baby one more time- Britney Spears
Crank that- Soulja boy

What turns you on

Death and Gerard way
Emo twinks
Jar jar binks