which undertale character r u? (part 2)

which undertale character r u? (part 2)

hello want 2 find out which undertale character u r? this is my part 2 one!

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what is two of ur traits below? (the most one tho plz)

compassionate & understanding
motherly & protactive
maniplateive & witty
kind & easygoing
clumsy & enargetic
niave & confident
laid-back & mysterious
passionate & hot-tempered
awkward & timid
flamboyant & theatrical
cruel & molevalent

whats ur fav color?

the color of my eyes
the color of blood :3
the color of friendship!
the color of my legs

what do/would u do in ur free time? :3

bake or read a book!
adventure for a bit if i were able 2
maniplate ppl or stomp on ppl BECUZ I FREAKING CAN *GROWLS AT U*
hang out with my friends and crack up a few jokes with them
make puzzles or cook some of my favorite food
training myself 2 do certain stuff or teach a friend becuz i love teaching!
watch anime or read mangas or catch up with the lastest volume/episode
maybe do some outside activtias (sorry idk how 2 spell that i keep forgotting) and play with some friends!
do some acting or pretend i am in a tv show or something and maybe have my friend do it with me 2
BE CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and get in trouble all the FREAKING TIME!
water some flowers or plants or maybe make some tea

what would u do if a human has fallen down 2 the underground

greet it and make sure they are okay and find out some things about them and guide them a bit
see if they will be useful for future refarence or watch them for a while 2 see if i can trick them
watch there every move and judging what they do and make sure they are on the right path and obsarve dem becuz im cool
make fun but yet hard puzzles 4 them and maybe challenge them to a battle if necesary
obsarve them and see how they are like and maybe join in on there adventure
be really friendly and explore with them 2 certain places for fun!
get justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if given any orders though XD if not then become COOL FRIENDS WITH THEM!
be really dramatic when intrudocing myself to them
they seem 2 be intresting.. hopefully they will join the dark side :3
i would probaly greet them but if i was force 2 battle them then.. umm... make sure there ready first before we fight?
help them a bit if they need any and maybe give some friendly advice and listen 2 what they have 2 say

what do people often describe u as?

motherly, humorous, protactive, compassionate, insightful
adventuros (ugh i keep forgetting how 2 spell that sorry), understanding, friendly, compassionate, determined
maniplateive, witty, sneaky, clever, apathetic
humorous, mysterious, laidback, obsarvent, lazy
confident, loud, enthusiastic, determined, childish
hot-tempered, passionate, protactive, determined, strong-willed
awkward, timid, insacure, shy, nervous
flamboyant, theatrical, enthusiastic, out-going, talented
evil and violent...............
friendly, sweet, caring, sensitive, tries to do the best for everyone
enargetic, niave, adventuros, enthusiastic, clingy

if someone were 2 threaten or try 2 beat up ur friend what would chu do?

freaking join in or walk away becuz I COULD FREAKING CARE LESS!
protect my friend and pull them out of the situation and glare AT THE FREAKING BULLYS
convince the bullys to leave ur friend alone
interrupt the situation and attempt 2 scare the mean bullys off
jump in with a wonderful dramatic scene to change the subject and turn it about me!
try to get the bullys to stop or at least pick on you instead of ur friend... they dont desarve 2 be picked on!
kill........both of them.....
stand up to the bully and tell them 2 leave ur friend alone!
try 2 do whats best but at the same time unsure on what to do