Which Annoying Orange character are U?

Which Annoying Orange character are U?

Orange is annoying. If you get him, you're annoying! Let me know in the comments who U R!

published on November 19, 201420 responses 10 4.5★ / 5

First of all - are you a fan of AO?

What's AO?
YAY! I love AO! I love anything!
I don't know
Yeah, but he annoys me a bit, that's why we call him annoying orange!
Em.. yeah I guess... o_o'
Him? Of course!

What's your fave animal?

I dont know. Something posh.
I love unicorns and puppies and -
I don't know. Cats?
Something that won't eat me? Yeah.
AO! Wait, that's not an animal...

fave number!

more than 6 or 6!

U wake up in the morning feeling lively and ready for...

For a time to WAKE UP!
I go to find a rainbow and puppies and unicorns and gold and...Lots of other ultra - cute stuff!
Not being annoyed?
People to not call me little!
Em... face my fears I guess.
Be annoying for crying out loud!

How many questions should a quiz have?

Not that much to waste my precious time!
Ultra cute zillion! With rainbows and -
Not that much. About that many as my height is!
Like 10 or something.
Quizillion! Ha ha!
Just as many question as this quiz has!


For what? Me?!
YAY I love to see rainbows! Are U coming for rainbows and puppies and -?
Me? U talking to ME?!
To eat me? God no...
Perfect! For the RUN? Ha ha ha! Geddid?

Did U think that this quiz went...?

Quite fast.
YAY make more! I'll follow U and add it to my starred list!
No! Bad quiz!
Yeah! Good quiz!
This quiz was MINI. Ha ha!