What language should you learn? (1)

In this quiz, you will find out what language should you learn, which one really suits you.

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How much free time do you have daily?

More than 2 hours.
1-2 hours.
30 minutes-1 hour
Less than 30 minutes

Choose what describes you best!

Modern and Comfortable
Determined and Rough
Loving and Devoted
Romantic and Seductive
Fashionable and Refined
Funny and always partying!
A loud and cheerful person
Musical and Relaxed
Modern and Exotic
Youthful and I love reading and
watching TV
Youthful, but loves music
Dilligent, Hard-working and
Exotic and lively
Traditional and smart
Faithful and Calm
Calm and Happy
Outgoing and lazy
I'm a hipster
Rebel who loves rock music
Complex and Loud
Mysterious and Charismatic
Lazy, Chill and very Relaxed
Exotic and Beautiful
The Outsider type
Fancy and Royal
Serious guy/girl
A Bookworm and a Nerd
A Humble and Modest person
Nature loving
A Fangirl/Fanboy
Wise and Spiritual

Do you like grammar?

Yes, I love it! I like languagea
with a very complex grammar!
Eh... I have mixed feelings
about it.
No! No! No! I don't wanna
waste my time with it!

Do you like pronounciation?

Yes, especially long words with
complicated sounds
No, I want short words or
words that are easy to

Do you want your language to have a different writing system?

I'm Ok with it

What would you like to read?

Novels, short stories. You
know, Western literature.
Ancient texts
Poems, but very unusual ones
Fandom stories
Anything actually

Pick a holiday destination that you like!

A busy city
Peaceful and picturesque
village in the mountains
A sunny beach
I'm Ok with anything!

Do you want to study a rare or a common language?

A common one, because it is
more useful.
Something which is neither
rare nor common.
Something rare!