Are You an Angel or a Demon? (1)

Are You an Angel or a Demon? (1)

Find out if you're a sweet loving angel or a dreadful demon by taking this quiz! :3 (only my 2nd quiz :P)

published on March 16, 201575 responses 20 4.3★ / 5
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If you and your friend got in a fight what would you do?

Tell her it's all my fault, and that I'm sorry.
Tell her it's her fault, and punch her.
Just don't speak with her until she forgets about it, or calms down.

Someone is getting bullied, what do you do?

Stand up for the person.
Join in with the bully.
Laugh at them.
Tell an adult.
Walk away.

Do you prefer jesus or the devil?

Jesus O:-)
Devil >:)
Neither, I don't believe.

You see a box with a picture of a man dying of cancer. On that box is a hole where you put your money in. What will you do?

Put a 10, or 5 dollar bill in it.
No way am I giving away my money!
Pray for them.
None of the above.
Ignore it.

You are:

A happy person!
A stealer.
A helpful person.
A bully.
A kind person.

What do you think you will get?

An Angel!
A demon!